What Led Up To The Declaration Of Independence

On July 4, 1776, congress officially approved the Declaration of Independence, with the acceptance that “All Men are Created Equal.” After many conflicts with Great Britain, American colonists decided to separate from the British indefinite, war was inevitable. Yet, what drove the colonists to believe the only solution was battle? Much tension between the two was already established. The American colonists had become adjusted to different living arraignments than when they were originally living in Britain. However, the British government as well as its King, began to tax the colonies without fair representation, placed absurd Acts to keep order over the colonists, stationed military in the colonies, and demanded the abolishment of the rights to assemble. Thus, the colonists had more than enough reasons …show more content…
This Act was created to tax imported items, which included glass, lead, paint and tea. American colonists decided to boycott British imports, thus pushing Britain to passing the Quartering Act. In his 1768 “Annotation,” “Bostonians Protest the Townsend Act,” John Hancock writes, “Under the Quartering Act of 1765, the colonists would be responsible for housing and providing for the troops.” Even though the colonies provided the troops during the French and Indian war, North America was now being mandated to continue providing for these troops for the colonies protection. With the colonies finally voicing their concerns, it appears Britain passed this Act with the excuse of colonial protection to keep order in the colonies. Since the French and Indian war was over, there really was no need for the troops to be stationed in North America. Why was Britain keeping its troops there? Particularly since the English were very well aware an army was not allowed without the approval of its

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