Essay on The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

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Chains of oppression clank together, rubbing the flesh of the colonists’ hopes raw. Britain’s merciless rule has turned the colonies into a desolate and forlorn setting with a quality of life worse than death. As a result, the colonies unanimously decide to sever the chains of despotism and become the Thirteen United States of America. On July 4, 1776, Congress adopts a document written by Thomas Jefferson which vindicates the liberation of the colonies. Thomas Jefferson supports his purpose of justifying declaring independence from the British in the “Declaration of Independence” by emphasizing Britain’s tyranny through strong diction and by citing specific examples of Britain’s oppressive ruling. Throughout the “Declaration of Independence”, Jefferson’s word choice justifies the colonies’ transformation into the Thirteen United States of America by supplementing his argument with negative connotation that emphasizes the severity of Britain’s actions. In the opening paragraph, he describes the present King of Great Britain’s history as consisting of “repeated injuries and usurpations” that directly establish “absolute tyranny” over the states. The words “repeated injuries”, “usurpations” and “absolute tyranny” all have negative connotations which together allude Britain has continuously wounded the colonies and wrongfully encroached their rights. The oppressive connotation of these words are then enhanced by juxtaposing them with one’s rights of “life, liberty, and the…

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