The Declaration Of Independence By David Armitage Essay example

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The history of the United States of America usually begins with the Declaration of Independence as it was the first time the term, “United States of America” was used publicly. The origin of the Revolution leading to the Declaration of Independence has been debated by multiple historians, questioning whether it was for rule within the country or who should rule the country. Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence summarizes the reasons why the thirteen colonies declared independence from Great Britain and British rule. David Armitage’s essay, “The Declaration of Independence in World Context” focuses on the impacts the declaration created across the world. The lives of Americans were not the only ones altered as it also impacted others through building international relations, inspiring other anti-imperial movements and established a system of communication. Prior to the Declaration of Independence, Great Britain was responsible for all the decisions pertaining the colonies, sometimes disregarded the requests and desires of the colonies. The colonies were limited to Great Britain’s’ regulations including taxation and frontier policies. Protests towards these regulations failed and the colonies were not able to influence British policies. Not content with the taxation policy, the thirteen colonies began a boycott towards British goods. Despite the disorder, the colonial leaders hoped to reconcile with Great Britain. It was not until members of the Secret Committee of…

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