Essay on The Declaration Of Conscience By Margaret Chase Smith

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Smith’s Urgent Declaration Throughout the 1950’s, a Red Scare movement caused mass panic among Americans, led by the Senate accusing innocent citizens of supporting communism, which ruined the careers and lives of many. The Republican minority attacked the Democratic administration during this movement, criticizing the government for its lack of strong leadership. In her “Declaration of Conscience,” Margaret Chase Smith pressures the current administration to improve its leadership through the use of emotional appeals, anaphora, and ethos. Firstly, Smith employs emotional appeals in order to motivate the American people to urge the Democratic leaders to change. To illustrate, Smith pities innocent Americans by criticizing that “seeing innocent people smeared and guilty people whitewashed” does not concur with American values. By recognizing their pain, Smith tries to gain support from the American people to fight the Democrats. She also juxtaposes “innocent” with “smeared” and “guilty” with “whitewashed” to portray the hypocrisy of the government’s current judgment of Americans, which further motivates citizens. In another instance, Smith creates a patriotic appeal by comparing the current situation between the Republicans and Democrats to “Lincoln’s day,” when the “Republican Party so successfully met that challenge that it emerged from the Civil War as the champion of a united nation.” The fact that Smith alludes to “Lincoln’s day” for a comparison emphasizes the…

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