Decisions In Rabbit Run By John Updike

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“Rabbit Run” was written by John Updike. The decisions that a person makes in life can either a positive or negative implications. The implications don’t just affect an individual, but can also affect people around them. Every day we make decisions that can affect people around us. Before making a rush decision, you need to think things through so you can prevent any future regrets. It illustrates how the decisions made by a young man in his life affect the people that surround him. The novel gave the audience a glimpse of the life in America in the 1950s.
The novel presents the story of Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, who is in the twenties and thinks that his married life seems to limit him. Rabbit married his wife after getting her pregnant.
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Harry finds it better to run away, then begin afresh instead of feeling overwhelmed daily. He tries to run whenever he gets a chance; and activity that keeps on occurring whenever he finds himself in a difficult situation. The more decisions he makes without having a goal, leads to more and more problems in his life and the lives of the people around him. In 1959 people had different ideas about culture. There were certain expectations for both a man and a woman. For the man, he was expected to have a full finical responsibility of his family. While for the women, she stayed home and took care of the children and household duties. Today culture is totally different, both a man and a woman have to work outside the home. They both take responsibility of taking care of the children and household chores. Mothers today have more emotional support when dealing with their newborn baby. Today Janice might have been diagnosed with post-partum depression. In 1959 it was acceptable for a woman to drink and smoke during pregnancy. Today, we know how harmful that cigarettes and alcohol are to an unborn baby. It can cause birth defects and low birth weight. Today, women most often leave their cheating husband. They are more financially stable …show more content…
Through the actions that he makes, it is quite evident that Harry finds it difficult to adapt to the societal expectations such that he prefers running away from responsibilities instead of handling them. Apart from physically abandoning his family, he expresses his feeling by subjecting his wife to verbal abuse and not meeting her needs. He keeps referring her as dumb. Harry seems to identify himself with home whereby he keeps going back after he runs away. He seems to have a challenge when it comes to viewing himself and his abilities as an individual and aligning with what society expects of

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