The Decision Of Drop The Bomb Essay

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The Decision to Drop the Bomb During the summer of 1945, things were looking pretty grim for Imperial Japan, as they were the last axis power left and had been under constant firebombing for the United States, President Truman chose to drop two atomic bombs, one on Hiroshima on August 6th and one on Nagasaki on August 9th. Since before either of the two bombs had been dropped, it has been debated whether or not it was the right decision. Truman stated that the bombs were dropped to save American lives, but many argue over the government’s other motives at the time. Many bring up valid points over why the bomb should not have been dropped and that the government public justification for dropping the bomb was based off of false information, but ultimately the motivation behind dropping the bomb, hidden by the government or not, outweighs the reasons for not dropping the bomb. The strongest points as to why we should not have dropped the atomic bomb are mostly related to the bomb being dropped for unjust reasons or that it was essentially a geopolitical power play. But, these ideas also contain flaws that ultimately do not create a strong case for not dropping the bomb. The most commonly used reason, undoubtedly, is that even without the atomic bomb, the war would come to a close relatively soon. Dropping the atomic bomb would not shorten the war as much as the American leaders had thought. Japan had recently lost at Okinawa, a recent battle that led to an estimated death…

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