The Debate Surrounding Concealed Carry On College Campuses Essay

1564 Words Oct 1st, 2016 7 Pages
The second amendment is a very commonly discussed issue in 21st century America. This debate includes many facets. Many expert opinions based on statistics, studies, and data differ on whether or not guns should be legal or not. These arguments also delve into many details of legislation that could and should, according to the professionals, be implemented into our society. Two issues within the gun carrying debate is if and how gun control affects mass shootings and if concealed carry on college campuses should be legal or not. Expert views argue both sides in many different scenarios. Essentially, the opinions question whether or not gun control would limit or increase the amount of mass shootings in America. Certain beliefs state that limiting gun access would decrease mass shootings. Others believe that allowing citizens to have guns would prevent mass shootings because there would be more hands on deck to stop the attack. The debate surrounding concealed carry hones in on many of the same issues. However, professionals are unable to come to a firm conclusion here either. Some believe that college students are mentally sound and capable enough to have the right to carry and other do not. This also introduces a third issue that is frequently brought to attention when debating the second amendment; mental health or illness. Many experts agree that mental illness should be a factor when determining if individuals, or societies for that matter, should…

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