Essay on The Debate Over The Power Of Voting

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Battle over the size and role of the government has been raging for centuries. In drafting the Constitution, the Founders wanted to establish a government that had powers to protect the people’s rights and perform other needed functions, yet not so powerful that it would violate the rights of the people in the process. Therefore, the term democracy is significant in which it allows the people to share their view and take action in their country. There is no such thing as a small political issue. It is the people’s responsibility to cast their votes and make their voices heard. The government was designed to allow the people to have an equal representation of themselves to voice opinions and make decisions. Millions of American citizens are certified to vote at the legal age of 18; however, many do not participate. They cease to take action in choosing leaders and representatives because their vote may not count in the process of election. Still, the important question remains, should people vote?
The power of voting enables the government to protect the common people’s interests even when the people do not realize it. That is to say, many people vote for leaders who acquire similar ideas that will make important decisions about how the society functions. The drinking age, how much should the teachers be paid, and the age at which a person are able to drive with a driver’s license are all determined by elected officials. Moreover, voting is “a chance to make a difference in…

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