Essay on The Debate Over Stem Cell Research

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Medical research has reached a point where the research in itself causes controversy and this is not the first time it happens. Animal research has and still causes arguments within the medical field as to know whether or not it is morally correct to use animals as test subjects in medical research. The latest debate in the field is about whether or not stem cell research is morally acceptable. The debate centers around the use of embryonic stem cells. As the name implies, embryonic stem cells come from embryos. Stem cells can be described as blank, which means that they have yet to be assigned a purpose; they can become any kind of cell. When using stem cells to cure patients, they are given a purpose.
Adult stem cells should not be prioritized over embryonic stem cells. There are different types of stem cells; pluripotent stem cells, like those found in embryos, can become any type of cells whereas undifferentiated stem cells, which adult stem cells are, cannot become all other types of cells. Adult stem cells are thought to be less likely to be rejected by patients as they are taken from the patients ' bodies and then grown in cultures before treating the patients with their own stem cells. This belief is due to the lack of research on embryonic stem cells which could prove this theory to be either right or wrong (What Are The). Although adult stem cells can be found in a great variety of organs such as brains and hearts, once they are taken away in cell cultures, it is…

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