Essay about The Debate Over Embryonic Stem Cells

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This paper goes over six different articles written by accomplished and credible medical personnel that report the findings in regards to stem cells, or ESC. These specific type of stem cells can be defined as cells obtained from a few day old embryo in the blastula phase. I’ll go over the benefits of ESC as well as the downfalls of them. Whether the question stands over how morally right or wrong the use of ESC remains irrelevant, because the end goal is the same for both the for and against group. Everyone wants people to be healthy and live their life to the fullest regardless if it’s a full grown adult or a fetus the size of a pea. This controversy is neither black or white both sides hold value in their argument, I believe instead of taking a side we should meet in the middle to find a solution that is acceptable for both parties.
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Why embryonic stem cells should be encouraged more
The introduction of stem cells
Stem cells were first discovered in the 1800’s and can be defined as undecided cells that have the capability to divide into additional cells of the same origin, and hold the ability to replace unhealthy cells with healthy ones that can regenerate. Since stem cells were first introduced they have become known as the “building blocks of the human body” (Chen). In 1998 researchers made a major breakthrough by extracting the first embryonic stem cells that was able to sustain life in a laboratory. The…

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