The Debate On Electronic Cigarettes Essay

832 Words May 9th, 2016 4 Pages
The Electrifying Sides of the Debate on Electronic Cigarettes
With the strict regulations on smoking and tobacco comes the rise of the electronic cigarette. E-Cigarettes’ popularity has skyrocketed in its lifespan, with an increasing number of people using them. With them being put under the spotlight, there are many who question their effect. Many claim that electronic cigarettes’ purpose is to help smokers quit. They are supposed to be better for a person’s health than regular cigarettes. However, with it being so new there is not enough research to satisfy many people’s questions. There are two sides to this argument. On one side, we have those who doubt their efficiency and effect on one’s health. On the other we have those who believe that they are a great idea, and should be advertised to help people stop smoking tobacco. Neither side is wrong; however, both have the same goal. They both want what is best for people. They both want people to stop smoking carcinogenic cigarettes. However, there are not enough hard facts to fully support either side. Therefore, until there are enough conclusive evidence to support either side, electronic cigarettes should not be heavily scorned and rejected, but should come with a warning on the product package to let the consumer know about the possible risks. Those who do not support electronic cigarettes believe that they can become a gateway product for children and teenagers. This idea is not completely unfounded. The CDC, Centers…

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