The Debate For Undocumented Immigrants Essay

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Equality for Immigrants right to an education
The debate for undocumented immigrants’ rights has been going on for over a century. However, the most recent controversy is whether children of undocumented immigrants should qualify for in-state tuition in the United States. With no doubt, the children of undocumented immigrants should not qualify for in-state tuition because current law states that children of illegal immigrants do not qualify for in-state tuition, they are taking potential spots for U.S. citizens in universities, and they do not pay an equal amount of taxes as U.S. citizens. The difference between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition is the cost between the two and the qualifications each one entitles. Because the state funds its own educational institutions, the only way to fund the schools are through taxes placed on that state’s residents. In order to qualify for the in-state tuition one must need to have been a resident at least one year in some states and even five for others. Also, the cost difference between in-state to out-of-state is so large that often times out-of-state tuition is twice as expensive as in-state tuition. The average difference is 8,990 dollars. A question arises after the realization of how significant these costs may be: Should non-U.S. citizens reap the benefits that true U.S. citizens enjoy? The government has responded to this nonsense in 1986 when a federal law passed saying "an alien who is not lawfully present in the…

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