Essay on The Death Penalty Or Torture Penalty?

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Death Penalty or Torture Penalty?

Lethal injection is the popular way of executing inmates, as it is deemed a more humane way to complete the capital punishment sentence, but recent executions suggest otherwise. Lethal injection was first used in Nazi Germany by physicians who were ordered to euthanize disabled kids. It was through the Nazi Euthanasia program; it put to death kids and adults who were considered a hindrance to their society. Poison gas soon replaced euthanasia because it was too expensive (Pickert). Lethal injection was used in the U.S. for the first time in 1976 after the death penalty had been reinstated. William Bonin was the first prisoner to be executed using lethal injection, after it was named more humane than using electrocution. The U.S. uses a combination of three drugs to effectively complete the execution process. One drug was used to sedate the prisoner so they do not feel any pain, a second drug to paralyze their body, and a third drug to stop the heart. However, the United State’s supply of sodium thiopental, the drug used to sedate, recently ran out. Shortly, before running out completely, the U.S. banned Thiopental production under the peer pressure of other countries. This sent states into a panic to acquire more from overseas countries. However, importation and exportation of the drug was also banned. Having no access to thiopental, the states needed to find a substitute for sodium thiopental. While they were searching, the…

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