The Death Penalty Of The United States Essay

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Ashley Acea
July 25, 2015
Professor Ruggiero
The Death Penalty

Everyday there are people around the world that are punished by the state through the form of execution. Whether it be for a minor crimes such as who you sleep with to more serious crime such as acts of terrorism and murder. There are not many countries who still use the death penalty as punishment, more and more countries have been in favor for abolishing the death penalty in the last 100 years or so; 140 in total. Of the countries that still use the death penalty, the United States, China, Iran, and North Korea carried out the most executions in this last year. In my essay I will discuss how these countries administer their death penalties, and whether or not it has proven to be an effective deterrent or not.
Of the countries, which use the death penalty, the United States is the most advance. Last year alone there were 35 executions in the United States and there were about 3000 on death row. In the United States there are some states that have abolished the death penalty, such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Michigan. However, it is still very much a live especially in the South. Texas, Florida, Georgia and Virginia are the biggest supporters of the death penalty. Hundreds of years ago the most common forms of executions were hanging and burning. Years later electrocution became popular in the 1800s but now there is a much more humane version of execution available and that is lethal injection. Lethal…

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