The Death Penalty Is Not Necessary Essay

1432 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
When people hear the word death most cringe, it is not considered to be a calming or happy word, but when you add penalty it takes it to a new extreme. The death penalty is a sentence or punishment of death by execution. People think that death is bad, but the death penalty is okay, but what’s the difference, it is still death. This is a very controversial topic in today’s world. This is something given to people who have committed awful crimes, but does it really punish them or us? This type of punishment is not only a lengthy process, but it is extremely costly both in dollars and resources.
Many people consider the death sentence to be cheaper than life in jail because they no longer have to provide food and care for that one inmate, but they are wrong. By the time you secure experienced prosecutors, defense attorneys and go through Jury selection, the trial itself, and initial appeals it ends up consuming years of time and enormous amounts of money before an execution is even on the horizon. Researcher’s said that the cost of the death penalty is like going to the moon. For example, how you have to include all the experimental flights, all the research, all the failures and partial successes that necessarily precede such a complicated venture. The same is true for the death penalty (Dieter). According to a California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, "Using conservative rough projections, the Commission estimates the annual costs of the present system…

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