The Death Penalty Is Justified Essay

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The Death Penalty is used throughout the United States of America to punish criminals for various crimes. There are many methods to execute someone in the United states. Since 1976 one thousand four hundred and thirty-nine executions have been performed in the United States; one hundred and fifty-eight being electrocution, three firing squad executions, eleven gas chamber executions, three hangings, and one thousand two hundred and sixty-four lethal injection executions ( The death penalty is considered by some to be a crime deterrent and this is somewhat true. Although fluctuating between 1976 and 2002 the number of sentences has been decreasing since then. Many Americans are against the death penalty because many innocent people have been convicted for crimes they had not committed and sadly most of these people are not proven innocent until after their execution. Along with that many people feel the families of the victims should not have to go through the long trials that are necessary for a death sentence. Others are for it because they believe it is what the convicts deserve. Another concern many have is how cost efficient it is. Whether one side is correct or not the Death penalty affects all Americans.
The Death Penalty, also known as Capital Punishment, has been around in the state of Texas since 1819 when George Brown, a white man, was hung for piracy. In 1840 Henry Forbes, a black man, was hung for breaking free from jail. By the time the…

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