The Death Penalty Is Justified Essay

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Living in an air conditioned cell, getting three meals a day, getting an education if wanted, and getting to see their friends and family is the life of someone sentenced to life without parole (Carmical). People on the jury of a death penalty case should recognize that the death penalty is moral, a deterrent of crime, needed for specific crimes, and a way of saving lives. Therefore, capital punishment should remain legal.
Some crimes are horrific enough to call for the death penalty. Michael D Bradbury mentions some examples of severe crimes like an eight year old boy who was kidnapped, raped, and set on fire; a two year old girl that was molested, tortured, and strangled; and an old couple that were beaten to death during a robbery. Each crime that is considered a death penalty case is intently investigated before the prosecutors and judges come to the conclusion whether or not the death penalty is justified (Bradbury).The punishment should fit the crime. A testimony by Steven T. Mikutel says that if people believe that human life is such a great value in our world than murder must be the worst crime to commit. Therefore, if someone were to take another’s life, then why should they be allowed to live? Dr. Petit has said, “My family gets the death penalty and you want to give murderers life. That is not justice (“Capital”). Capital punishment should be enforced on the worst crimes committed; it shows that innocent people are safe and that the victim’s life is so important…

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