The Death Of The Night Essay

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While you 've a lucifer to light your fag

I can 't hear, and yet at the same time I can hear too much. The resounding explosions of mortar over No Man 's Land make my ears ring, but over the ringing I can still hear the yells and shouts of a hundred men. The action I have been longing for is less plausible than I thought. Normally we sit in a cramped room, so small that we lay to sleep almost shoulder to shoulder. It is for this reason that none of us freeze in the night. The men who use to be my friends seem more like the enemy than the real enemy do.The smell overpowers the most iron fortitudes, reducing most new recruits to fountains of bile, spewing their insides over the walls and floors of the thin, muck ridden trenches. The smell rises from the urine in the soil, the rats, and the bodies on which they so ravenously feast upon. I didn 't sign up for this, nor did the rest of the men I expect. We all have lives before this. I may just have been a postal boy, but I was destine for great things. Being a private was never on my list. I don 't think ill make it back home, I don 't even know if I have a home anymore, and my last retentions of it are slowly fading. My last memorabilia from home was my cigarettes, but my matches are wet, no man around me would possibly donate a light to me. I expect if it the other way round I would do the same. They are too precious. Its funny, Id never thought id value a wooden stick above my own live. In fact id probably sacrifice half the…

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