The Death Of The Muslims Essay

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I can very distinctly remember starting my blog off with the fact that the Protestants hated the Catholics and we all know that when you hate someone, man ole man do you hate everything about them !!! While watching the video we learned that the protestants grew more and more hostile as the Catholics grew in numbers. The protestants became so angry that they started rioting and burning down buildings and churches. That is the part of the past as well as the future that I absolutely cannot stand. For someone to commit horrible crimes in the name of religion. The last I read, God didn 't cheer on violence and the killing of innocent people because they didn 't believe in him. BUT....... then I guess if you want to stand on the other side of the fence and argue then you can say that God does follow that suit because people who don 't believe in him will be burned alive for all eternity. I can remember being 9 years old and terrified hearing the preacher yell from the altar how everyone would be sent to hell for not believing in him and I was scared to death !! Scare tactics always work well when you want to someone to do exactly what you want. As we studies that they were both basically the same religion they just arrived at the final conclusion different ways. Catholics were seen as being unholy because their use of Saints were derived by Pagan practices. That is one of the things that confuses me because the Catholics never denounced God or acted as though he does not even…

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