Essay on The Death Of The Law

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To Paul of Tarsus, the Law is less important compare to faith which he believes can bring salvation to everybody. According to Paul, all people are sinners. The way people become sinners not only because people have original sin but also for various reasons. For example,some people are sinner because they suppress the truth and believes on the things which is considered as wickedness. As the result their mind goes darken, their heart become impurity and they will do something dishonor either in body behavior or passion or both. Some people are sinner because they believe the Law only externally and they considered they are able to teach others about the Law but not to pay attention on if their behaviors are breaking the law which is kind blasphemy to God. Paul believes the Law is important to people because it tells people what should they do what they shouldn’t. Change another way to say is Law is the thing identify people’s sin. According to Paul people are consist with two parts: the flesh and spirit. People’s sin is not come from the Law but the Law make people sinned because the passion of sin in people’s flash can be calls up by the Law. As the result sin leads flesh’s death. Some people try to be salvaged by obey the Law, but several things restricted them from that goal for example as I mentioned above some people only believe the Law externally and only very few people could fulfill the Law. Only Jews seemed like to have right obey the law since they are chosen by…

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