The Death Of The Devils Essay

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so much so that he killed all the prisoners of war in the camps that he set up with a firing squad and why would he do such a thing you ask I personally think it was in fear of his enemies and what they had done to his empire that he had built it with the help of God and when he had gained all the power a man could want Ruled it with Satan but many people through history did make such a pack with Satan but few had the power to turn the world in to the devils playground like it is now as you many already know the people of the world without God go by their own morals so it was reasonable to assume that when God had seemingly left that the devil would come out to play and the devil has been playing for over 790 hundred years but to my knowledge the servants of God are none existent outside the walls of the dome but in this bunker but while in here about 90% of the people who say that they are Christians are as cold as the heathen if not colder I once saw a well-respected Christian in our community beat a poor and hungry boy very bad for stealing a loaf of bread from her now given stealing is wrong but is not it that women’s duty to feed that poor child but the women did not think so and the boy went away poor, hungry and very bruised that women beat him with a very long wooden pole and to my knowledge that hurts a lot I got wiped with it one time when I was 9 I stole a 600 dollar watch from an old man and he grabbed me and turned me around and let me have it you…

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