The Death Of The Ancient Romans Essay

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The ancient Romans had countless methods of committing suicide and they all had very different meanings for each. A few of the very common suicides would be death by poison like the death of Cleopatra, death by sword such as Antigone, death by hanging which was extremely dishonorable, death by setting themselves on fire, and several others. During this time period there were not as many suicides that were committed such as the ones people do in today’s time period. There are various reasons for the many suicides. The main intentions of suicide would be honor, heartbreak, depression, shame, the philosophical and religious ideologies, etc. Everyone did not accept suicide, but the Stoics did accept it. Miriam Griffin states, “It is in fact Stoicism that is normally given the credit for making the practice of suicide acceptable, not only to members of the school but to society at large.” Dido had committed suicide for more than one reason and she also died in more than one way. Was she just and honoring for what she did? The way the Romans viewed suicide was completely different than the way we (as a culture) today view them. The modern culture views suicide in such a negative light. The only people that would commit suicide would be those who are depressed, or people that feel as if there is no reason to live, mental illness, it could be a solitary act expressive of despair and misery, with at most a brief suicide note to be token social consciousness and to serve as a…

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