The Death Of Space Medicine Essay

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World War II brought upon humanity countless atrocities; especially those committed by the Third Reich. During the Holocaust many Nazi scientists were allowed to conduct unspeakable and awful experiments on subjects that in most cases, did not volunteer. A notorious example of these is experiments are the “cold experiments”, conducted to see how the human body reacted to hypothermia conditions (Lagnado). These experiments and tests did reap results and data that proved to be useful. Dr. Strughold, who is believed to be involved in these experiments, made incredible advances in space medicine and was even given the name “Father of Space Medicine” (Lagnado). Because of these advances they created a yearly award in his name, the Hubertus Strughold Award (Lagnado). Arguments have been raised on whether or not to keep his name in the award because of his involvement in the “cold experiments” and other tests conducted under his watch. By looking at the ruling in cases conducted by the U.S Justice Department, the advancements Dr. Strughold made after World War II, and his ethical beliefs plus the way others talked about him; we can see that Dr. Strughold does not deserve to have his name removed from the award. This is important because it addresses the question of what to do with Nazi achievements. Despite many investigations conducted by the United States Justice Department, Dr. Strughold, failed to be convicted of any war crimes. Lucette Lagnado addresses this in her article,…

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