The Death Of Julius Caesar Essay

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Since the death of Julius Caesar in Act III, the play has took a tremendous turn. All of

Caesar so called "friends" turned against him because of what they thought was a corrupt ruler,

in my opinion wasn 't the case. All the reasons why they thought Caesar was so horrible took a

turn once they read his will. He left his money to the people and left all of his private areas

around Rome, to be public for everyone to enjoy. Since the conspirators decision to kill Caesar,

Rome has been in a frantic spiral that seems to not be going away.

Given that Caesar is dead, there is no set leader. So two men are competing for the

position of leading Rome; Brutus and Mark Antony. They both gave speeches at Caesar 's funeral

to get the people of Rome 's opinion on the matter and Mark Antony persuaded them. He had

many facts to back up his opinion and apparently just enough for them to side with him. Since

that speech, Antony and Octavius has joined alliances and so has Cassius and Brutus, which is

causing the people to divide. These alliances has caused much drama in Rome. Armies are

forming and people are dying, these are just a few things that have been happening.

In Act 4 scene II-III starts off in Brutus ' camp near Sardis. Brutus and others are met by

Titinius and Pindarus. They came to tell Brutus that Cassius is on his way to talk with him.

Brutus says that he is looking forward to finding out Cassius 's reasoning for coming. Pindarus

tells Brutus…

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