The Death Of Death And Death Essay examples

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Death is a topic that most people fear because it is such an unknown subject. No one knows what happens after death occurs and that is a scary thought. When we die do we go to a different place that has never been heard of before? Are we reincarnated? Is life after death real? What about the people who die and mysteriously come back to life saying that they saw the gates of a so-called Heaven? Are those the people that God chosen to be a messenger to come back and tell everyone that he is indeed real and the land that everyone has heard about but has never been to talks about on every Sunday? I have had a few experiences with death but have decided to talk about a recent occurrence from this past summer. I was scrolling on my Facebook feed, one day like I usually do a few times everyday to check-on my friends and family to see what they are up to that day. As I was going further down my feed I was finding many post wishing for prayers for the same family. My friend that I’ve had since I was only a few weeks’ old was one of many to catch my eye with her post. The post from Brooke Mastro said “This is just so so so sad and unbelievable, prayers for the family and that the son is healed of whatever made him do this!” I scrolled past a few other pictures and saw other status’s, I was unsure of what was going on until a few days later when a news article came out with the full story. A young man named Zachary Toothman was a sophomore at Virginia Tech in the ROTC program. He…

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