The Death Of A White Horse By Daniel 9 Essay examples

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1-2: This verse begins with one of the voices of thunder calling out in a loud voice, showing that the command “comes from God’s throne.” John states he saw, signaling the opening of the seven seals of God, the seals that will judge the nations for their wrongdoing. The white horse with a bow and a crown is seen by some “to represent Christ, mainly because he is associated with white, a color used in Revelation fourteen times to represent purity.” There is not a woe connected with this horseman, and in Rev 19:11-16 Christ rides in on a white horse and defeats his enemies, much like the rider on a white horse. However, many others think this represents the Antichrist, partially because the antichrist will “resemble the Christ, because Antichrist is Satan’s great imitation.” In Daniel 9:26-27, he states that there will be a prince who will “make a covenant with Israel to protect her from her enemies”, fooling believers through deceptions or persecution. The four living creatures issue commands in 6:1-8 that are identical in nature points to “parallelism among the riders,” signaling that this rider on a white horse is a false prophet. The crown given to this rider, in Greek stephanos (crown), is distinguished from the Greek diadēma (royal crown), which is given to Jesus. This rider likely represents Satan deceiving the world, and while he is set upon destroying the church and the world by conquering, which is his goal, God is ultimately sovereign and will reign supreme…

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