The Death Of A Death Essay

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What Socrates means when he says that philosophers should welcome death is he is trying to explain that philosophers spend their whole life training for death and when death comes upon them they should embrace it rather than cowering in fear. Simmias had stated, “those who practice philosophy in the right way are training for dying, and they fear death least of all men.” (Phaedo 67e5-6). Socrates had stated that only a philosopher that is not afraid of death can possess the qualities of self-discipline and bravery. Self-discipline is very important to philosophers because it shows how much inner-strength they have and how they are in control of their mind and body. According to Socrates, you should not be afraid of death because the afterlife will be filled with anything that you could ever possibly dream of. He states that death is the detachment of the soul from the body. All philosophers want in their lives is wisdom, they will do whatever it takes to acquire wisdom. They believe that wisdom will get rid of all the corruption in their body which will then prepare them for a great afterlife with the gods. They space themselves as much as possible from physical pleasures like drinking, sex, fancy clothes, etc. Socrates had said, “do you think it is part of the philosopher to be concerned with such so-called pleasures as those of food and drink? What about the pleasures of sex? Do you think he values these or despises them, except insofar as one cannot do without them? I…

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