Essay on The Deaf : Deaf And Deaf

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An inner voice is usually described as a voice you can hear inside your own head. Hearing people usually hear their own voice, or the way their voice sounds to them personally. I think people who are deaf "hear" their inner voice in visual ways. They either see signs “ASL”, pictures or printed words that would be the exact equivalent of the way a hearing person hears their own voice inside their heads.
People who are hard of hearing have partial loss of hearing or may hear only specific frequencies or sounds within a certain volume range.
For Deaf people, personal identity and language choice are not separate. The person will choose which language or languages to use, depending on their personal situation. In the past, large portions of positive Deaf culture were experienced in deaf schools, however, the current change in educational settings have led to decreased exposure to this positive cultural environment. Today, most Deaf students will attend regular schools with translators, or with a smaller Deaf program. Consequently, this inhibits the Deaf child from the experience of socializing with their peers, which can help form a healthy identity. Deaf identity is also formed by what the child experiences at home. It is important that the family be encouraging and has realistic expectations of the child.
Deaf people often refer to the Deaf community as “Deaf world”. This term is used because they feel most comfortable when around their deaf peers and social networks.…

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