The Deaf And Deaf Children Essay

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In a world where approximately two to three out of a thousand infants in America are born Deaf, along with possibilities of Deafness later developed in a child, it’s becoming necessary to educate parents about the Deaf World and how to raise a Deaf child. From topics of learning sign language versus spoken language alone, to Deaf Culture, to implementation of hearing aids and cochlear implants—trying to understand the Deaf World as the parent of a Deaf child is an extensive but needed task.
Causes of Deafness in a child, while not always able to identify, can come from many different sources. Generally a child being born Deaf is because of a recessive gene, and while a family may not have any apparent history of deafness, the gene can still be present. Cases of recessive genes causing Deafness have in some cases become a more dominant, like in a predominantly Deaf island off the coast of Massachusetts “Martha’s Vineyard”, in which almost one in every hundred and fifty five were born deaf. Children later in life can become Deaf after being born prematurely or catching an infection, and can also after exposure to loud noises or experiencing head trauma. While the sources are extensive, what seems most important is accepting and loving your child despite any cause. Many in the Deaf Community prefer not to look at Deafness in a medical sense, where being Deaf is often seen as a loss.
Almost immediately when looking into the raising a Deaf child, two sides become very apparent:…

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