The Day - Original Writing Essay

1884 Words Oct 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Today was the day, the day I’ll prove all that doubt me wrong after being despised and abused by my father I’ll finally be able to prove him wrong. All my mistakes that I’ve made in the past, don’t matter anymore. As I was grabbing my diploma it all hit me like a flash, being abused wasn’t as bad as living my life. All those cold nights shivering in the dark without nothing in my stomach were the painful abuse of it all. Suddenly those memories stopped and I was back to the real world. Hearing my son Angel screaming for me, brought tears of joy to my eyes, and I thought I am doing all of this plus more for you, because my son was My light in A pool of darkness. I remember my childhood like if it was yesterday. I didn’t play with Barbie dolls or went out to play like most girls my age, I spent my day cleaning and cooking since my mother was never home. And when she was home, she was always drinking with my step-dad, so I was the one to take care of my younger sisters. I still thinking about that one night that started all the violence between my family, it was one summer night around 12 o clock, I was washing clothes like I usually do every Saturday when I heard my mother’s laugh, that’s how’d I knew she was home. I went to go see what was all the fuss about when I saw her being drowned in alcohol with my step dad. I was furious, seeing her act like this was not only disgraceful but also sickening.
I pushed her aside to try to calm her down, but she doesn’t…

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