The Day Of The Night Essay

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Usually on flying days, Miguel and I would stop for the night, have dinner, and retire to our respective rooms. It became my habit to update my journal before settling in for the night. However, during this portion of the trip, we were pushing hard. The sightseeing had ceased and we flew longer days. We were ending our days later and getting up earlier. My journal fell by the wayside; nevertheless memories of those days remain vivid.
On November 18th, we intended to depart Liberia, Costa Rica and fly to Panama. Instead, it turned out to be the day Miguel and I experienced our first major hiccup. Not only did I figure out we were definitely not in Kansas anymore, I also learned powerful life lessons. Moreover, that day’s experiences made me pretty darned grateful I grew up in comfortable circumstances.
As usual, we started out the day by checking the weather and filing flight plans. Checking the weather produced our first glitch; the forecast was moderately iffy. Though the clouds along our route were few and scattered, they were cumulonimbus clouds. Usually lying at a fairly low altitude, they form the shape of a towering mass with a flat base. Picture the clouds associated with thunderstorms; that’s what cumulonimbus clouds look like. In Costa Rica as well as nearly all of Central America, baby thunderstorms associated with cumulonimbus clouds sometimes occur. Be that as it may, we had to keep in mind that they can be one element of a weather pattern which…

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