The Day Of The Night Essay

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I did not even hear the news first in person or over a phone call, but instead it was a text message with just two words, “Kyle passed.” This at first struck me as some cruel and morbid joke, but after a phone call to my friend who sent the original text, my mother, and a hail Mary text to Kyle with no response I was left to believe the worst. One of my best friend’s had passed away. I was out of town visiting a relative when I heard about what happened. Luckily I could make it back into town the next day to make it to the viewing and funeral. Between the times of learning what happened and before attending the viewing, I was in this state of disbelief and shock. This state, while only temporary, felt like an eternity. Whenever I made it back home the first thing I did was play the video game Kyle and I loved to play together. One thing that always stuck out when I think back about the times we would play was that whenever our team was losing he would say, “Believe.” While most of the times he just meant it in a funny or ironic way it ended up becoming his catchphrase. A catchphrase that would, in time, stick with me and be something I would look back on. After staying up late reminiscing about the fun times I had with him, reality set in when I attended the viewing the following day. Looking there at the casket is when I truly felt the gravity of the situation. My first friend I ever had, who I had known since Pre-K has passed away. This all happened around the time the…

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