Essay about The Day Of The Night

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It was now after six in the evening and she was just finishing up her packing. There was a light knock on the door.

Jada called, “Yes. Come in Jacob.”
He did so. Smiling he reported, “Our flight leaves on Wednesday morning at 8:45a.m. Is that alright?”
Jada looked at him and after a while nodded. It was done now.

“I see you are just about done here.”
“Yes, I am. I’ll be ready.”
Smiling slightly, “I know.”

He then looked at the cell phones she purchased. “Have you reached out to your mother?”
Jada shook her head and looked back at him. Jacob said, “It’s time.”

She nodded and went over to the phones. She took the time to text them all. A global text was sent as she just didn’t have the time to send anything personal…At least, not right now. She just wanted them all to know that she was okay and would be leaving the state. She also told them she couldn’t let them know where she was going, but she said there was someone helping her and that they are taking very good care of her. She told them the phone would be discarded, so please do not text or call as it would no longer be in use.

She reassured that once she was settled she’d be in touch.

Jacob took the phone. Jada looked at him before handing it over.
“I have a guy that can destroy it.” He then reassured her, “I won’t read it if you get any responses. That’s not my place.”
She nodded and relinquished the phone, he took it and shut it completely down. The tears stated to fall again.

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