Essay on The Day Of The Night

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(Nikolas was happy that his mother was kind in offering to take all three boys for the night. He knew his mother was right, though. This night with Elizabeth had been long overdue. It had been so long since they had been together. He wanted tonight to be perfect. Elizabeth was currently at work until 6pm, so he had until then to get everything set up. Nikolas was determined to give his princess a night she would never forget)

(AJ was currently in the Quartermaine living room drowning his sorrows while staring at the photos above the fireplace. He couldn 't help but think back to what has happened lately. The woman he loved told him she was in love with someone else. Deep down, he knew he needed to accept the truth. He knew he needed to move on. Truthfully, though, he didn 't want to move on. He firmly believed that, had he been given more of a chance, Elizabeth would have chosen him in the end. Granted, she said she didn 't love him the way he loved her. In his heart, he didn 't feel that was true. Elizabeth was his first and damn it, AJ would have her again! AJ would make sure of that. And after the prince 's unfortunate accident on the pier the after tomorrow, Elizabeth would be his...where she belonged. AJ was caught off-guard by a presence in the room)

Monica: "Little early in the day to be drinking, isn 't it, son?"

(AJ briefly turns around halfway to his left to see his mother in the living room doorway)

AJ: "Hi."

(Monica sighs deeply as she walks towards her…

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