The Day Of Pre School Essay

720 Words Oct 15th, 2015 3 Pages
She was a person like no other. Her heavenly aroma awakened my body every time she walked into the room. The sound of her harmonious voice soothed my ears at my lowest points. Her warm body molded into mine when we laid together. My body shivered as she moved closer to grab my hand, and kissed it gently with her full lips. When she smiled, her mouth started in a firm line, then her eyes twinkled, and the corners of her lips grew to her ears. That smile paralyzed my heart. We linked deeply together in a way that one could never understand. All these peculiar things about her were enough to make me believe that she was the one. I believed that there was no person on this Earth could be as amazing as her. The girl who weaved her way into my heart and out of it just as quickly, Grace Crockett. Grace and I have known each other since the first day of pre-school. The moment we met, we had such a connection that made us love to be around one another. As we grew older, the relationship between us only escalated more and more. We began to mature and learn things about the world and each other that we had never known before. Grace would always ask me to come and hangout and of course I would say yes. There was never a time that I would deny her lovely company. Eventually, when high school came around, we went our different ways to other schools. Although we went to different schools, we didn’t let this matter affect our relationship. But one day, things changed when Grace revealed to…

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