The Day Of Horror Movies Essay

2253 Words Nov 27th, 2016 10 Pages
October the one month of the year that people all over try to prepare to have fun on this month. Whether it it little kids trying to figure out what costume to get, so they can get candy and eat. To teenage dressing up to go to a party with friends or go to the theater to watch horror movies. Even adults to want to plan an event so everyone can have fun; whether its in the form of a fair or party so the people can enjoy the time. Then on October 31 everyone does what they wanted to and enjoy it to the fullest of their desire. However, over the last few years there have been some issues happening during this time of the year and everyone in the Untied States are affected by it. Due to certain individuals that started to wear the clown costumes, however, they 're not the funny kind of clowns that show up for birthday parties or fairs, but the demented kind. These people have been causing quiet a problem these days. From just being menace looking to straight out aggressive. Although during this year they have been more hostile than usual. They have been showing up more than usual in certain states in random places and they have been threatening people. So in order to combat this dilemma there are two things to do form a community watch group that will go around the area and protect the people. As well as placing a ban on buying or wearing clown related items to lower the amount of people wearing it. Just like everyone else I also enjoy this time of the year from the surgery…

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