The Day I Got My First Car Essay

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One of the most important days in my short 17 year old life is the day I got my first car. Before owning a car I had to barrow my parents’ cars to go anywhere. My parents only had two useable cars, they were usually used by them every day, therefore I had no means of self-transportation to school, to CPCC, or to see friends. This was very inconvenient for me and my family. As the days progressed it became more obvious that this was a serious problem. So my parents and I went out to seek a car to buy.

It was a peaceful Saturday (two days prior to getting the car) when I was dragged to the car dealership to look at cars. Uninterested, I looked through the array of various automobiles quickly and made hasty remarks as to why each of them were insufficient. As we were approaching the end of the lot, the perfect car, it attracted me like a magnet. It was the perfect shade of the color red, loaded with all of the features, and was the most comfortable car I had ever been in. The price to our dismay was more than what we wanted to pay, thus we had to consider our budget before taking further actions. As we walked out another salesperson took the keys for a man who was waiting to test drive the car! Alas, after a half an hour we decided to make an offer to purchase. We went to purchase, however to my great disappointment it seemed too late. The man who test drove it already an offer made on the car. My mom told me “don’t worry there will be other ones like it,” however…

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