The Day Games Of High School Essay

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By the end of high school, I was a very involved and attended nearly every event. Being a freshman in college now, I realize be present for everything is almost impossible. Up to this point in the semester there are some events that I regret not being able to attend. For instance, Trial of the Torch and the Homecoming Dance. However, I have had the chance to participate in most of the home football games, Week of Welcome events, and Panthermonium.
During the Week of Welcome, on August 23,2016, the Greek Barbeque took place in the Graham Central Lawn from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. I decided to attend this event because I have always considered “going Greek” and was advised that by participating it would be an opportunity to receive information about various Greek organizations at one time.
The event began on the edge of the lawn, students swiped their One Cards and upon entering were given food and drinks. At this time, members of different sororities and fraternities were pouring into the area with t-shirts displaying the Greek letters of their organization. Throughout the lawn, there were information tents and a tent for the DJ. Midway through the barbeque, more students and party promoters began to show up. By the time the sun went down, nearly the entire lawn was full of students dancing. In addition to, the fraternities who formed dance circles to showcase the character of their organization to any onlooking students who may consider joining. The Greek Barbeque ended with a…

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