The Day A Circus At The World Of Entertainment Essay

2101 Words Dec 1st, 2016 9 Pages
The genre of this writing assignment was a personal essay, in which the events of our personal lives are connected to an overall theme in relation to world events characterized by imagery, a sense of intimacy, and conversational manner. Specifically, my personal essay is about the day a circus came into my town and the mistreatment of animals in the world of entertainment. The intended audience would be anyone interested in the circus as fun play, animal right advocators, or anyone interested in the treatment of animals in a circus
Since the main purpose of this essay is to relate a sociological issue through a personal narrative by using sensory descriptions and emotions in an informal, conversational tone. Instead of directly stating my claims as I would in an argumentative or persuasive essay, I told a story which leads and builds up to a political or social concern. By using an informal, conversational tone, my audience would be able to not only easily read the story, but to be able to picture certain images I convey through my diction and experience feelings of joy, excitement, and bitterness. Overall, my diction and informal tone would add emphasis to the theme of my paper and allow my readers an insight on a sociological issue like the mistreatment of animals.
Personally, the most challenging, yet most interesting part, of writing this paper was that I had to abandon my horrible knack for wordiness, which allowed me to write with ease and comfort. I enjoyed writing…

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