The Dark Side Of Science Essay

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Scientific innovation is highly praised in society, as it results in useful inventions, medicinal cures, improved lifestyles, and social advancements. However, scientific philosopher, Heather Douglas attempts to counter this idea by indicating its negative impacts, in her article “The Dark Side of Science.” The article was first publicized in a scientific magazine, entitled The Scientist. It highlights Douglas’ biased conception of scientists’ direct affiliation with the foreseeable negative effects of their works. She conscientiously argues that scientists should be held accountable for the unfavorable counterparts of their research. Her evaluative argument assess the morality of scientists by charging them with the responsibility of conforming to “the dark side of science.” She also infuses varied elements of facts, as she strives to prove a common perception as invalid. In an effort to endorse her argument, she primarily relies on credible and logical elements to retain the attention of her audience. Although Douglas’s presentation of her claim is suitable, she inadequately fulfills her purpose by introducing and explicating her counterclaim in excessive detail. She inadvertently contradicts her argument and leaves room for dominant rebuttals.
Douglas is a philosopher of science and therefore shares a personal connection with her proposition. It is her job to examine and assess the particular aspects of science, and serve as the connecting link between the scientific…

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