Essay on The Dark Side Of Science

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In Heather E. Douglas’s essay “The Dark Side of Science”, she mentioned that scientists should be responsible for their discoveries that are used to the awful advantages that they could be used for. Scientist who makes these discoveries may know what they can endure. Scientist usually knows how there discovers will end up, but mostly they do not think of the reproductions that could happen if they ended up being used for the wrong intended purposes for that particular discovery. Douglas writes how it should be one sided and scientist should be held accountable for their actions, maybe they need to look at the bigger picture before they decide to point fingers at who should be responsible for what. Douglas had some good points, but at the same time nobody really knows how something is going to turn out. Yes as researcher’s scientist should realize how something will end up, but at the end of the day they do not even know how it is going to happen. Douglas writes as if it should be a done deal when it comes to finding out who is responsible, but all in all there is many things that could be responsible how different chemical reactions would cause a whole big dynamic of chemical reactions which could cause a very big problem. Douglas argues,“Scientists can no longer hope naively that people will only use science for the public good. The world will always have the mentally unbalanced, the delusional, the vicious, and the sociopathic members of society, some…

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