Synthesis Essay: The Life And Works Of Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe was a master at writing dark, gothic stories. From stories about killing his wife, to ones about the days after a loved one’s death, Edgar Allan Poe knew how to write it, and write it well. He has left us a little puzzled on where his inspiration came from to write these kind of stories; did something happen to him as a child? Was he abused, beaten, or neglected? Or, did he just write this style because it was making people a lot of money? In this essay I will try to answer these questions and also add in how certain things happening during that time may have influence this too. Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809, and abandoned by his parents shortly after. Although he was never formally adopted, he was taken in by John Allan …show more content…
I would say that he more so is only in it for the money because during that time, and even some still now, writers who are not afraid to write things that other people would not are usually the best sellers, I mean look at 50 Shades of Grey? I would, however, say that Poe used many of the unfortunate events in his life as inspiration while writing these things. In the poem The Black Cat, the husband brutally murders his wife and blames it on the cat, saying that the cat made him do it. I believe that his inspiration for this was his own wife’s death. In the story I would say that the cat was Poe himself, the wife was of course the wife, and the murderous husband would be the tuberculosis. Although Poe did not want his wife to die, in the story the husband then tried to kill the cat after he saw what he had made him do to his wife; which is something that could have happened to Poe, he could have too died from tuberculosis after his wife did. I am not a literary expert, but this is just what stood out to me once I found out how Poe’s wife died, it could even be talking about how Poe’s own parents died, I believe also from

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