The Dangers Of The Youth Suicide Plan Essay

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body also leads to the healthy and fitness of the human brain, which also exacerbates the suicidal tendencies of these people who spend their time gaming in these internet cafes. In order for South Korea to measure the suicidal tendencies of these groups the following questions were asked: “lifetime suicidal ideation (“Have you ever seriously thought about committing suicide?”); lifetime suicide plan (“Have you ever made a plan for committing suicide?”); and lifetime suicide attempt (“Have you ever attempted suicide?”)” )(Kim 2016). These analyses have increased overtime. This is directly correlated to the increase of Internet use in the past decade and tendency for those internet users to avoid the policy that has put a time cap and curfew for adolescents using these internet cafes to game. There is also correlation for subway workers to commit suicide as well. The reason could be to lack of human interaction, lack of sunlight, and also low socioeconomic status just like those elderly people discussed earlier in this essay. According to research by South Koreans in the psychiatric communities within South Korea “Subway drivers are one of the most vulnerable working groups for psychiatric injury or trauma” (Byun 2016). Along with lack of human interaction, lack of sunlight from being underground for the majority of the day, and lower socioeconomic status in comparison to the majority of business people in that nation, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known to the…

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