Essay on The Dangers Of Teenagers And Teens

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“The Danger always exists that our technology will serve as a buffer between us and nature, a block between us and the deeper dimensions of our own experiences ( Rollo May).” Most of the dangers in a family are occurring through the internet. Especially with teens, there is a higher chance of risks in the home regarding internet usage. According to CBS news, 94 percent of teens are using Facebook with leaving their personal information to public(Agata Blaszcak-Boxe). Teenagers are easily falling in heavy risks mainly by sharing personal information to the public. There are several issues when it comes to teens internet usages, such as sexting cyberbullying, and more. Not only teens are addicted to the internet but also with cell phones. According to Pew Research Center, 73 percent of teens use smartphones and only 15 percent of teens do not even use a phone. Thinking deeply into the topic, teenagers those do not use a phone and limited internet are giving more importance to life and know their values. By parents monitoring teens internet usage, there are higher chances to see future teens being more responsible. It will also prove that parent has given their child a safe life during their teenage. Teenagers might not get that while they are at that age but when they are grown up with maturity, they will be very thankful to their parents. For many other reasons, parents must monitor teens usage of internet and cell phone.
The first statement that supports my argument is…

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