Solution Essay: The Importance Of Grading In High School

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High school is often very stressful for students. Many high school students spend many hours working on homework in order to ingrain the material into their minds. Other students may do this but are still never able to absorb the information that they are given. As a result, when report cards are distributed, some of the students who have worked or have struggled to work hard have not been able to understand the classroom materials are stricken with fear upon seeing their bad grades. Bad grades may eventually lead to the students being beaten or scolded by their parents, and in some cases, may lead to self-harm or even worse. The students who suffer from bad grades might even be more discouraged to do well in school due to the pressure weighing down on their shoulders from their parents. Although grading in high school is thought to be an effective way of evaluating what a student has learned, grading ultimately deters learning in school because too much pressure is brought upon students with grades and often discourages students to perform well in school.

The first reason grades ultimately deter learning in school is because too much pressure is weighing down on high school students’ shoulders from grades. In many families, the only thing that matters to a
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Scolding and beating that results from students receiving bad grades only rubs salt into the wounds of students who are already suffering from the stress of home and parents. Teachers often do not have one-on-on conversations with students about grades or what can be done to improve bad grades. Some teachers do not offer to invest time in after school tutoring for students who may really find it necessary for it. A grade is only a letter on a piece of paper. It should not determine how well or horrible a student is doing in a class when their mental health is excluded from the

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