The Dangers Of Alcoholism And Alcoholism Essay

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What motivates someone to drink and how can someone overcome alcoholism? Are a person 's emotions the motivating factor to suppress depression or hate? Are social groups, peer pressure, or the need to "fit in" the primary motivator or is it a result from the type of environment the drinker was raised in? Is it possible to overcome alcoholism and live a happy and normal life? Let’s take a look at a few of the factors that could motivate someone to fall victim to alcoholism and the chances of beating this dreadful condition. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, results from several studies they have conducted have shown that children from alcoholic families report higher levels of depression and anxiety. These same children also show more symptoms of stress than children from non-alcoholic families. What these studies show is that if a child grows up in an atmosphere of constant alcohol consumption, the child has a higher likelihood of developing undesirable psychological disorders as they age into adulthood. This seemingly creates a never ending cycle of alcoholism within the family; however there were some positive findings in these same studies. It was found that the emotional stress of parental drinking on children lessens when the parents stop drinking. Although the children of relapsed alcoholic parents reported higher levels of anxiety and depression, emotional functioning in these children was similar among the children of recovering…

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