The Dallas Fifth Flour Museum Essays

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The Dallas Sixth Flour Museum is located on Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX and examines the life, death, and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. The museum is located in the very building where Lee Harvey Oswald killed the President on November 22, 1963. The museum showcases photographs, artifacts, short videos, and other forms of display to display all sorts of information such as the intricate details behind the assassination, the culture at the current time period, and details about the life of JFK and his family. The museum starts off by giving every person a set of headphones and keypad that you can interact with that describes each display as you move through the museum. At the beginning of the tour, the museum display exhibits that describe the culture in the 1950’s by displaying books and movie posters such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It then moves on to describe how Kennedy was the youngest candidate ever to run for presidency and that his Catholic faith became an issue as some people believed that he would answer to the Pope more than we would to the American public, however the first televised debate with Richard Nixon drew in a lot of voters with his charism and good looks. Then museum then displays exhibits that displays exactly what things Kennedy accomplished during his presidency and what he wished to accomplish. Kennedy established programs like the Peace Corps and during the Cold War, after Russia launched the Sputnik into space in…

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