The Current State Of The American Family Essay

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One cannot make generalizations when looking at the current state of the American family. The idea of what is a "traditional family" is a hard concept to define and changes from time to time based on the and needs of society over the years. Broad generalizations do not account for this factor and too often play upon our worst fears by suggesting that there has been a decline of the American family and its values. First, there are different families. A nuclear or extended family depends on the time. For example, the concept of a nuclear family, a father, mother and children, is a "modern" family. However, in the late 19th Century, the extended family were the most popular. With the increase in immigrants, the number of extended families expanded. To survive, such families needed all of its members, including the children to help support the family. Children either worked at home or outside the home. Many children worked in coal mines and factories before the age of eleven with rough conditions. This type of family structure was based on obedience and tradition. Grandparents and other relatives shared child rearing responsibilities and the sense of "family loyalty" and arguably "structure" was very strong. Some believe that for kids to have a closer relationship with their grandparents, they must live with them. I disagree with that to some extent. I personally, have a close relationship with my grandma despite the fact that she lives about fifty miles away. I…

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