The Current Interventionist Foreign Policy Essay

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Affirmative Statement
The current interventionist foreign policy that has driven the U.S. to accept an overwhelming amount of responsibility for maintaining the global order -- a commitment of such great magnitude that it should not be the burden of a single state, even a superpower such as the U.S. that “dominate[s] the world militarily, economically, and politically” (Posen 117). Emboldened by assumptions of American geopolitical strengths, the U.S. has pursued nation-building operations that serve as a detriment to both the federal budget and their international reputation.
Instead, a return to the pre-WWII foreign policy of offshore balancing would reallocate resources from futile nation-building exercises towards preserving American dominance in the Western hemisphere and countering potential hegemons in the key regions of Europe, Northeast Asia, and the Persian Gulf. (STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE) Offshore balancing “maximizes security and influence while it minimizes risks and costs” mainly through the reduction of security commitments abroad and by encouraging states to check rising powers in their regions, which strengthens their long-term defense through the development of self-help mechanisms in place of American security assurances (Brands and Feaver 168). (DIVERT FUNDS TO TERRORISM AND NUKE PROLIF) This objective is especially relevant in the context of Northeast Asia, in which the growth of China could require neighboring states to rise to the challenge and assist…

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