Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Essay

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The curious incident of the dog in the night-time draft by Henrik.
This is my first draft of what I will write
This book is about named Cristopher who lives with his father. Their family has a complicated history with many lies being told. On top of that Cristopher has asperser’s syndrome. One day Cristopher walks outside and finds his neighbour’s dog dead on the ground. He then takes the case in his own hands and decides to investigate who killed the dog. It is this investigation that leads Cristopher to find all of his family dark secrets. As he goes along with the detective work the teachers in his school encourages him to write a book about the investigation, and this is supposed to be what we are reading. As Cristopher is investigating his father tries to
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He has just fount his neighbour dog dead, killed by a garden fork. When his neighbour finds Cristopher with her dead dog she immediately jumps to the conclusion that Cristopher killed her dog, and calls the police. From there we are immediately drawn into Cristopher’s quest to find the killer and all the secrets he unravel throughout his quest. However, Cristopher is not a normal boy, the author spreads out clues to that by altering the way Cristopher speaks and behaves. He screams when he gets too much information, he hates yellow and loves red. We soon discover that Cristopher is Autistic and cannot comprehend emotions. This drastically changes the plot as most of the plot are driven by his “logical reasoning”. For example spoiler alert he assumes his father is a killer and wants to kill him just because he killed the dog. This book quickly turns into some thing bigger than just Cristopher discovering his dead dog, and the author brilliant way of describing the environment in Cristopher way will make you almost read this 268 pages long novel in one

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